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Curious to find out more about the tastes of George III (above), the father of the Prince Regent, and the Prince Regent himself? This site, The Royal Collection: Royal Palaces, Residences, and Art Collection allows you to find the works collected by George III and George IV, as well as artifacts about both men. The collection includes the aquisitions of the British monarchy, including an essay on architecture by George III (which you can zoom in on and read); collections of paintings, prints, manuscripts, and sculptures; and images of the family.

Also included are a wide variety of images of George III and George IV, and other royal collectors. This site brims with information about the royal palaces, and is well worth the visit.

Princess Augusta, 1802, Sir William Beechey

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Royalty at Close Quarters

King George IV in his coronation robes.

If one of the key pleasures of metropolitan public life was the witnessing of royalty, nobility and greater gentry at close quarters, then the ultimate spectacle was obviously the royal court. After Whitehall burned down in 1697 the focus of court display was St. James’s Palace. Great ‘public’ festivities were held at court on the monarch’s birthday, and on the anniversary of the accession and coronation, while smaller drawing room assemblies were held every week in the Season…The royal family was also to be seen at prayer in the Chapel Royal – a conventional stop on tourist itineraries for over a century. Indeed, for all that the vigour and prestige of court society was in relative decline, and the fact that the pageantry of royal ceremonial varied from monarch to monarch, the ‘splendid appearance’ of royalty and nobility, was still greedily beheld by the genteel at every opportunity.

The Gentleman’s Daughter: Women’s Lives in Georgian England, Amanda Vickery, P 228

St. James’s Palace

Coronation Procession of King George IV, 1821

For more about the Coronation of George IV, Georgian Index click here.

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