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Thank you for nominating my blog, Elizabeth (1) and Kelly & Alyssa (2). I am deeply moved by these two honors:

1) Elizabeth from Scandalous Women, one of my favorite blogs, has nominated Jane Austen’s World for a Premios Dardos Award:

This award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing…that’s the general idea. Here it is, more eloquently put, in Portuguese:
O conceito deste prémio passa por reconhecer valores culturais, éticos, literários e pessoais, transmitidos de forma criativa e original nos pedacinhos rabiscados por cada blogueiro que o receba.
The rules of this award are as follows: show the image of the award on your blog, link back to the blog that gave the award, and nominate 15 other blogs that you consider deserving the same. I shall not repeat Elizabeth’s nominees: So here are my 15 blog nominations in alphabetical order (I would have voted for the three blogs sitting at the bottom, but they were already nominated):
  • Adventures in Reading: All about books. ‘Nuff said.
  • Austenblog: Because she’s everywhere.
  • Austenprose: Because Laurel Ann finds new ways to celebrate Jane Austen and because she knows her stuff. This blog is worth a visit time and again. Congratulations on your blog’s first anniversary, LA!
  • Book Mine Set is an online book discussion forum. This dedicated Canadian writer has varied tastes and interests. I love his Wednesday Compare.
  • Bronte Blog: Fabulous.
  • Ellen and Jim Have a Blog Too: Ellen covers all things Austen, including the film adaptations. A must stop for serious Austen lovers.
  • Emma Adaptations: Kali blogs only about Emma. Can you bear it?
  • Jane Austen Addict: I just love Laurie’s take on all things Jane Austen.
  • Jane Austen in Vermont: This new blog has taken off in spectacular fashion because of the hard work and spot on research by its two authors, Deb and Kelly.
  • Jane Austen Sequels by Jane Odiwe: In this unique blog, Jane combines her writing, art, and interest in history.
  • Moderato: This and that about literature around the world and through the ages.
  • Ripple Effects: Arti is attuned to topics that interest me, including Jane Austen.
  • The Vapour Trail is an historical research blog and well worth regular visits.
  • Versailles and More, Catherine Delors’ lush blog is addictive.
  • The Victorian Peeper: This history/lit blog covers all things Victorian.

I would have included Edwardian Promenade, The Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip Guide, and Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide, but Elizabeth had already nominated these splendid blogs.

2)  Alyssa Miller from The Love Coach, has included my blog along with Austenblog and 48 other blogs on her 50 Best Chick Lit Blogs list. You might want to hop on over there and check out the other fabulous blogs that were nominated.

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Edwardian Promenade, one of my favorite blogs, awarded me with an Excellent Blog Award. Thank you for the honor! This truly made my day, especially since other sites that have been chosen are fabulous and outstanding. You have placed me among august company. There are so many worthy blogs and I am having a hard time choosing. My criteria for passing this award on are that the blog must be well-written and researched; offer topics of historical, literary, cultural, or cinematic interest; and look visually luscious. Many of the blogs I would have nominated have already received this award, so here goes …

(Inhaling deeply) I would like to nominate the following ten, er, twelve sites.

  1. Austenprose: Laurel Ann, my blog partner on Jane Austen Today, always meticulously researches her topics and fits the appropriate image to the subject matter. You can tell that visual proportions count, and that she puts a great deal of thought and effort into her posts.
  2. Paris Parfait: If you have never seen this blog, hurry and click on the link. My one wish is to have enough money to visit Paris any time I like. Paris Parfait assuages those yearnings.
  3. Silver Screen Surroundings: This is Linda Merrill’s latest blog. I also visit ::Surroundings::, her interior design blog, but these days I am more drawn to her analysis of movie sets.
  4. 18th Century Blog: This blog’s visual feel is that of an 18th century confectioner’s shop. Most of the posts are written in English, but not all.
  5. The Period Movie Review: You will find movies reviewed within their centuries. The stills are gorgeous and I agree with the ratings more often than not.
  6. Emma Adaptations: Kali includes anything and everything about Jane Austen’s Emma. Her blog is a one-stop shop for all things Ms. Woodhouse, and I am amazed at the depth and scope of information on just this one novel.
  7. Ripple Effects: Arti’s interests turn to literature, movies, art, and other assorted topics that also interest me. I never know what I’ll find when I visit.
  8. Molland’s: This site is not a blog, strictly speaking, but it contains the excellent Austen.blog, and other worthy links about Jane Austen, her life, novels, and letters that draw me back over and over.
  9. Paris Breakfasts: The blogger of this site combines her watercolours of Parisian food and objects with photos of that astounding city. I am amazed at the scope of paintings and variety of photos of Paris foods, such as in this link. This site is definitely memorable!
  10. Ellen and Jim Have a Blog Too: Ellen is so knowledgeable and so productive. I am always amazed at the thoughts, connections, and ideas that come from Professor Moody’ mind. Her blog has a simple design, but you will spend hours reading and rereading her posts. She connects her topics to literature, history, art, philosophy, poetry, and film. Connectedness – isn’t that what blogging is all about?
  11. My eleventh blog (I know I went over the limit, but I could not resist) is Georgianna’s Gossip Guide. Click on the link and you will see why. These two art historians are wickedly witty and delightful.
  12. Bygone Beauty. I promise that this is my last nomination. Stopping by Kalianne’s world is like taking a trip down memory lane.

Thank you Edwardian Promenade for nominating me. I enjoyed passing this award on.

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