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The Yorkshire Post wrote a review of Miss Austen Regrets four days ago. In it, script writer Gwynneth Hughes, who was interviewed for the article, traces the film from conception to realization. This is one of the best reviews of the film I have read, in part because so much of the material comes straight from Ms. Hughes, who provides her rationale for choosing specific scenes and themes. The review ends with this paragraph: “Ms Hughes has no regrets about her portrayal of JA. “People will find my Jane (and Olivia’s) surprising, maybe, but I stand by everything I wrote. It’s my account of how she might have been, and I don’t think she would have been any gentler or sweeter. She was no shy spinster.””

I’m glad Ms. Hughes made it clear that her account of Jane’s life is her own and therefore subject to interpretation. I also give her great credit for not making much ado of Jane’s short youthful fling with Tom Lefroy, and for writing such an intelligent script.

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