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The back of Hampton Court

Gentle Reader, When I published the post about Patrick Baty’s article, The Paint Detective, Jane Austen’s World contributor, Tony Grant, did a double take. He had visited Hampton Court and taken note of the gates that Patrick’s firm had analyzed and that were subsequently repainted. Tony wrote:

Privy garden, Hampton Court

“I thought I was seeing things in your recent article, Vic, on Jane Austen’s World. Well I was. I was looking at some of the gates on the river side of Hampton Court. Hampton Court is four miles from us. Whenever friends or family come to stay. if the weather is fine, we often have a walk around Hampton Court. For those who have never seen it, it WOWS!!! them big time.

William and Mary Courtyard, Hampton Court

These pictures are when an old school friend of mine, Clive, was over with his family from Hamilton Ontario. These pictures were taken in 2005.”

To the Tudor kitchens, Hampton Court

From these images, you can see that Hampton Court is indeed a “living Tudor world.”

Cloistered area, Hampton Court

Armorial beast, Hampton Court

Wolsey's Coat of Arms

From the river walk through the railings of the fence, Hampton Court

Gilded gate, Hampton Court

Another image of the gate, Hampton Court

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