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Ah, London. If I were rich, I would visit this city every month. So I shall simply have to rely on interactive maps and panoramic views to satisfy my yearnings.  Wikimapia is an online collaborative mapping system that combines google maps with a wiki system, allowing users to add information. Click here to see an interactive image of a portion of London that shows Hyde Park, Mayfair, and Green Park. The square grids provide detailed information about the mapped area when you move your cursor over them.

Green Park, London

Static map of Green Park, The Mall, and Victoria Monument, London

The exciting part about this project is that if you have visited this part of the world (or better yet, live there) you can add your knowledge about a particular area. This interactive image depicts Green Park and Pall Mall. You can see Buckminster Palace at the lower left, the Victoria Memorial and the Mall leading from it, and St. James’s Palace in the upper right. To view greater details I keep clicking on the images until I see such details as people walking in the park and cars parked in the streets. Amazing.

Bath, England

Static map of Bath, England

Let’s not forget Jane Austen and her world. This link leads to an interactive map of an arial view of Bath, England, and this link leads to an interactive close up of Pulteney Bridge (see static map below. The details are so fine that you can see cars parked on the streets. Spectacular.

Pultney Bridge

Pultney Bridge, static map

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