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Adriana Zardini

Adriana Zardini,  founder of Jane Austen Society in Brazil (JASBRA),  and translator of Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility into Portuguese, was recently interviewed on TV with Celina Portocarrero, who translated Pride and Prejudice, to analyze the impact of the author today. The link to the  interview sits her at the blog.  Adriana writes about the experience:

During the interview I talked about Jane’s life, her parents and Cassandra too. The interviewer asked me about my first contact with Jane’s books and why I started a Jane Austen Society in Brazil. Well, the first time I read Austen was during my graduation. The teacher, Thais Flores from UFMG, asked us to read Emma and to explain the themes in the book. So, I really enjoyed reading this book and then read Sense and Sensibility. Last January, I finished a course about Jane Austen at University of Oxford and I wrote about the free indirect speech in Emma, I really enjoyed to study this book again!  [In the interview] we talked about the TV series and movie adaptions and Zombies! It was a really nice interview and an excellent way to show Jane Austen to Brazilians too!

Adriana started the Brazilian Society last year in June.” We decided to create the society to study Jane Austen’s works and to make friends too! This year, we’re going to have our Second Annual Meeting in Rio de Janeiro! I think more people will come, because it is easy for people to take flights or buses to Rio!

Adriana Zardini and Celina Portocarrero during the interview

Claufe Rodrigues interviews Adriana and Celina in the  Shopping Leblon book store

The video is in Portugese. The first part covers the recent Jane Austen exhibit at the Morgan Library in New York, A Woman’s Wit: Jane Austen’s Life and Legacy, which recently ended in mid March. The following images are from the video and show more of the exhibit

The exhibit at the Morgan Library was small and intimate, much like Jane Austen’s life and works.

Jane’s novels were showcased, including Sense and Sensibility

One of three Isabelle Bishop Illustrations in the exhibit

The exhibit included many peripheral artifacts, like Rowlandson’s and Gillray’s satirical cartoons,

Crossed letter

Letter written backward for her niece

Jane’s novels illustrated by Brock

Another view of the exhibit

Adriana’s next video interview will be showcased in July.

My posts about the exhibit:

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