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Art from the Regency and Georgian period in England was lush, luscious, delectable, creamy, and so mouthwatering that you just want to look AND touch. View a cornocupia of visual feasts on the following sites:

Prinny’s Paintings
English School of Painting
English Painting 1800-1900
Neoclassicism:The Classical Ideal
Neoclassicism: A Link of Artists
History of English Watercolour Paintings
J.M.W. Turner
The Neoclassical Temple
Jean Nattes Prints of Bath

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John Nash’s buildings exemplified the neoclassical style of early 19th Century Architecture. His sweeping changes transformed London, from the graceful curve of Regent Street to the majestic terraces and vistas in Regent’s Park.

View some of his edifices below:

1. Regent’s Park
2. Regent Street
3. Buckingham Palace

We will devote an entire section to Brighton Palace later.

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