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Edward and Bella at the River's Edge

Edward and Bella at the River's Edge

Several of us are planning to see Twilight when the movie comes out at the end of November, and we’ve made a pact to read the books before that event. Imagine my delight and surprise when I came across this passage. Bella, wanting to take her mind off Edward Cullen, picks up a tattered volume of the complete works of Jane Austen:

I lay on my stomach, crossing my ankles in the air, flipping through the different novels in the book, trying to decide which would occupy my mind most thoroughly. My favorites were Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I’d read the first most recently, so I started into Sense and Sensibility, only to remember after I began chapter three that the hero of the story happened to be named Edward. Angrily, I turned to Mansfield Park, but the hero of that piece was named Edmund, and that was just too close. Weren’t there any other names available in the late eighteenth century?

Indeed there were, Bella, and you might have kept going and started reading Emma. Knowing how popular these vampire books are, I am glad that Stephenie Meyer wrote about a seventeen-year-old freely choosing to read Jane Austen’s books.  Here’s the trailer for the film:

and here’s the link to the official website.

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