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Last month I wrote about my trip to the Morgan Library in New York to view A Woman’s Wit:Jane Austen’s Life and Legacy, and of my impressions of the letters.

Exhibition room for Jane Austen's artifacts at the Morgan Library

But I didn’t mention the many other interesting artifacts: the Gillray prints of a lady dressing and Rowlandson’s caricature of The Comforts of Bath,

Progress of the Toilet, The Stays, James Gillray

the books that Jane owned,

Jane Austen's personal books, including The Spectator and Poems by William Cowper

a lovely steel engraved oval image of her,

Steel engraved image of Jane Austen and Lady Susan

an original copy of the Memoir of Jane Austen, fair copies of the first 7 letters of Lady Susan,

Viewing the Lady Susan letters on the far wall of the exhibit room

a rough 12-page fragment of The Watsons, a watercolor by Paul Sandby,

Paul Sandby's View in a Park

and a well-known image from An Analysis of Country Dances by Wilson, 1811.

Five positions from An Analysis of Country Dancing by Wilson, 1811

An account of Jane’s personal purchases of a little over 42 pounds for the year (1807), Isabel Bishop’s images for Pride and Prejudice,

Isabel Bishop's image of Jane and Bingley standing together

and the correspondence between Jane and Cassandra, her letter to Francis Talbot, the Countess of Morley and a letter from the Prince Regent’s librarian, James Clarke add to our knowledge of her world.

James Clarke's letter to Jane Austen, on the left

There were artifacts from Byron and Fanny Burney and Sir Walter Scott, and more images than I can recall so many weeks later.

The Panorama of London

William Blake and Georges Mail drew two portraits that forcibly reminded me of my internal images of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet

Georges Maile (fl. 1818–1841) Marchioness of Huntley.

Which brings me to my only (and major) disappointment with this exhibit: no catalogue. Thankfully, I can reconstruct my memory of the visit from my notes, images I have gleaned online or taken myself, and from a list provided by the Morgan Library (see the link below.) For anyone who lives within striking distance of the Morgan Library, you have until March 14th to travel to New York. The exhibition room might be small, but it is filled with treasures and is well worth the effort.

More links:

View PBS’s video of the Jane Austen exhibit at the Morgan Library on YouTube.

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You can download a podcast of Jonathan Bing’s audio interview with Joe Wright, director of Pride and Prejudice 2005, and Donald Sutherland, who played Mr. Bennet (left). Or you can click on the link and simply listen to it from your computer. This podcast is part of the LA Variety Screening Series of 2005.

As an interesting aside, Annie Coleman, a reader for Librivox, offers her recording of Pride and Prejudice on her website. Click here to listen to the book or to download the podcasts, which are free. You can also listen to her other podcasts, such as Anne of Green Gables and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Joe Wright and Keira Knightley

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Sense & Sensibility Podcast

“Called a beautiful girl, truth was less violently outraged than usually happens….”

Jane Austen on Marianne Dashwood

I heard this wonderful quote in Chapter 10 of the Sense & Sensibility podcast, which you can download under “Listening” on the sidebar of the new Old Grey Pony blog. Click on the University of Florida link and download all the chapters into your ipod.

Update: The links to Sense & Sensibility are no longer available.

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Here’s the new look of the Darcy Saga site. Well done, Sharon Lathan. You can also find a wealth of photos of the 2005 P&P in her picture album.

And if you don’t have time to read Jane Austen’s novels, why not listen to them on your computer or Ipod?

Find Emma and Pride and Prejudice on Page 2 of this Free Classics Audio Books site

Persuasion, an ongoing series of podcasts by Nikolle Doolin. She is a professional voice actor, and is reading the novel chapter by chapter. (From Austen blog)

How did I miss this interview last year? This 30-minute podcast from BBC in 2006 features a segment about A Rambling Fancy written by Caroline Sanderston. The broadcast provides a fascinating discussion about Jane’s life at Chawton Cottage and her travels throughout South Eastern England.

Last but not least, I love the covers on these Jane Austen books. My only problem is that the dresses on the book jackets are from the wrong era. Oh well. What’s a little historical accuracy these days when it’s the look that counts.

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