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What fun! What excitement! What a full schedule and whirlwind of activities. I can no longer keep up, but have no fear, gentle readers, I’ll add activities and photos over the next few days as I find the time.

After the break-out sessions yesterday, I attended the JASNA Life Members reception, meeting new friends and visiting old acquaintances. I’ll add two photos right now.


I am in LOVE with Devony Looser’s tights, which she purchased on Etsy from a person who spells Austen’s last name with an “i.” Tsk. Tsk. Diana Birchall and I, as usual, had a lovely time. I look like a bag lady!


Last night the divine Diana and I spent a lovely evening strolling through Williamsburg at twilight.

We finished the evening polishing The Trellis’s famous “Death by Chocolate” dessert – which consists of 8 different kinds of rich chocolate. We also ate (inhaled) low country cuisine consisting of fresh Chesapeake Bay seafood and slow baked grits and fried cornbread. The meal is typically southern, sumptuous, and well-known by those of us who live/lived in the region.

At a lunchtime book signing on Day 3 I met this lovely couple, Christopher Dada and Catherine Thomas. It turns out that Catherine is a subscriber to this blog, so, of course, I instantly loved her dearly. She created her own beautiful Regency curls and donned the gloves just for this picture.


I purchased the most wonderful and twee self-published book from a sweet author, Juliet Fazan, who wrote the book and illustrated it at the tender age of 18. Her drawings are adorable and I can’t wait to read all 42 pages. In fact, I purchased another $80 worth of books, even though I ran out of bookshelf space 6 months ago.

One word about today’s workshop sessions so far: I LOVED and ADORED Janine Bacchus’s plenary talk about “The Lost Copies of Northanger Abbey,” and Juliette Wells discussion, “Publishing Northanger Abbey: A History in Documents.” In another post I’ll discuss my ratings for good workshops and some in need of improvement (in my humble opinion.)

During a quiet time at lunch recess, I found these ladies reading their new purchases. Jane would have approved.

tranquil moment.jpg

There’s more to relate, but I’ve run out of time. Please return to this post later to view additional added photos.





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