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Cathleen Myers wrote this fascinating insight about A Lady of Distinction on the PEERS website. A Lady is the author of The Mirror of Graces, my favorite source for regency etiquette.

Who is the author? Possibly a governess or companion in a diplomat’s family. She has seen a number of foreign courts and discourses intelligently on Continental manners, but is too clearly impressed by foreign titles to be real English Society herself and her table of Precedence contains several glaring errors that reveal the gentlewoman on the edge of Society as opposed to the Real Lady. Still, this is valuable First Hand source material from an author who has actually observed and recorded a great deal about the manners and customs of two generations.

Unfortunately, there is no footnote or source material to this comment, which must be taken at face value. Ms. Meyers seems to know her stuff. According to a 2007 article in SF Gate, she is a board member of PEERS (Period Events and Entertainments Re-Creation Society), a San Francisco Bay area nonprofit that “throws a formal ball every first Saturday re-creating the dress, dances and entertainment of a specific time period, film or piece of literature.” Many of the members of this group are “expert or professional costumers and seamstresses who delight in studying the period details of suits and gowns. Others know an exceptional amount about where to purchase the wigs and find the corset that will give you the best silhouette.”

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