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Have you noticed how dark the new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility seems? Every time I took a screen shot, I needed to use photoshop to lighten the scene, as with these images of Barton Cottage before and after. It rained almost the entire time that the production crew filmed the movie. “We were filming in Devon for a fortnight and filming was plagued by constant rain storms,” recalls Charity [Wakefield.]“That’s fine for the days when we needed it to rain, but I learned that normal rain doesn’t show up on screen. So, even though it was raining, we still had to have these massive rain machines. We were drenched. By the end of the day, you’ve been out in the rain for so long you’re soaked through and exhausted.” The two photographs show the actresses wearing rain hats and thick coats in between scenes. Brrrr.

It also rained throughout the scene in which Dan Stevens as Edward chopped wood. I got chilled merely thinking about how cold Hattie Morahan must have felt wearing only a dress and holding a shawl over her head. At least Dan had the opportunity to warm himself up through the exertion of chopping wood. However, I found nothing romantic about these scenes, which made me shiver despite our own early warm spring weather.

Whoever said that film making was glamorous, evidently never shot a movie on location during a rainy spell in Devon!

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