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marriage of jane-austen-coverBook announcement of The Marriage of Jane Austen by Collins Hemingway and a sweepstakes giveaway of a trip to England.

When Jane Austen said that everybody has the right to marry once in their lives for love, did she include herself? And how would this singular spirit deal with the complexities of marriage at a time in history that could be both exhilarating but also cruel to women?

The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen by Collins Hemingway reimagines the life of England’s archetypal female by exploring what might have happened if she had ever married. It shows how a meaningful, caring relationship would have changed her as a person and a writer.

This novel is the first set in Regency times to delve deeply into the psyche of a woman as she opens her heart to a true attachment with a man as independent, as passionate, and as complicated as she is herself

Marriage of Jane Austen_768x627The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen 2016 Sweepstakes

We’re excited to announce The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen 2016 Sweepstakes as a way to give back to the many Jane Austen fans in the US, Canada and Great Britain. You could win a Grand Prize trip to the UNESCO heritage city of Bath, England and more. Learn more in our press release and then enter the sweepstakes today!
Everybody should marry once for love—
even Jane Austen

About the Author:

Collins Hemingway’s approach to creative investigation in fiction is to dive as deeply into a character’s heart and soul as possible, to address the root causes of their behavior rather than to describe superficial attitudes and beliefs. This treatment, he believes, is at the heart of all good fiction, for it provides the only way to draw a complete, complex portrait of a human being that is so rewarding to readers. Hemingway’s sentiment regarding the importance of literature is only slightly mellower than that of Jane Austen, who observed that the gentleman or lady who fails to find pleasure in a good novel must be “intolerably stupid.”

Hemingway never lost his passion for the art of storytelling or for the rich history of Georgian-Regency England and the Napoleonic wars. In The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen, he revisits these early passions and brings them back to life.



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