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I’ve become a Pinterest addict. I can’t help it. I have always collected images for my blogs from a variety of sources, including museums, other bloggers, and historical websites. When I can, I provide attribution. Pinterest allows me to share interesting images in an easy and public forum. Just look at my fashion Pins. I have divided them into the following categories: 18th and 19th century fashions. Click here to see the full 18th and 19th century fashion board.

1775-1799: Click here to see the full board.

1800-1810: Click here to see the full board.

1811-1820: Click here to see the full board.

1821-1830: Click here to see the full board.

Regency Dandy: Click here to see the full board.

I love how I can file my images in logical Pinterest Boards, such as the ones you see above. I’d been collecting images for my private files, but now I can easily share them. Other bloggers have discovered this social media as well, sharing their unique pins (images) with others. I am thinking in particular of Two Nerdy History Girls, Austen Only, Evangeline Holland from Edwardian Promenade, and Heather Carroll from Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide

Pinterest is supposed to represent one’s personal interests. My fashion boards, especially, represent my POV. I like to mix up portraits, accessories, costumes, and fashion plates, so that the viewer gains a sense of what a lady’s (or dandy’s) wardrobe might look like in a particular time frame. I often think hard about the combination, making sure to provide a mix. In a few months, I plan to subdivide my boards, to provide a story about fashion or architecture, from which a student of Jane Austen’s World can take away a unique story.

I do have one major beef. While most people repin my images here and there, there are individuals who will repin hundreds of my images in one sitting. Mind you, it has taken me months to assemble the boards that represent my interests. To see one pinner simply appropriate more than 20 images in one sitting burns me up.

If you decide to join Pinterest, enjoy yourself! I do encourage you to follow Pinterest etiquette, however. In all things ask yourself: What would Jane Austen do? Join Vic’s Pinterest account at this link: http://pinterest.com/janeaustenworld/

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