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All the World’s A Page honors exceptional authors and their works by turning their masterpieces into posters. That’s right. An entire novel is translated onto one poster. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is included in the collection. On the occasion of Jane Austen’s 240th birthday on December 16th, All the World’s a Page has organized a world-wide give-away to celebrate the big event. Poster Giveaway Contest Closed. Congratulations Tresha, Florence, Jill, and Angela!

jane poster

Have you ever thought of pinning “Pride and Prejudice” on the wall instead of putting it on a shelve? All the World’s A Page, a project which British designer Ian Warner brought to life, proves that it not only is possible to fit the whole world of Elizabeth Bennett onto a poster, but that the typographic setting opens up unexpected fields to grasp the literary oeuvre.

All the World is a Page invites you to experience the tentative courtship of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy in a unique way: by presenting the story in a new perspective.

All 121,932 words are reproduced as a poster on a high-quality, two-color offset print, using 150g Munken ‚Pure Rough’ paper. The result is a single-paged book, which, from a distance, appears as a homogenous grey mass, but up-close reveals its intricate structure, fibrous structure; a river of words punctuated by tiny, colored paragraph marks.


All the World’s a Page will give away four posters to readers world wide. All you are asked to do is to answer five simple questions from the novel. The 4 winners will be drawn on March 10th, 2016. Here are the questions:

  1. How old is Elizabeth Bennet?
  2. Why is Miss Bingley jealous of Elizabeth Bennet?
  3. Why does Elizabeth Bennet spend six weeks at Hunsford?
  4. How is Wickham related to Darcy?
  5. How old is Georgianna Darcy?

About the Pride and Prejudice Poster: The entire novel is printed on one page!
→ Two-colour offset (black / bright yellow)
→ Word count: 121,932
→ Typeset in 3.66pt Malaga
→ Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough

Price not including packaging and shipping
Standard shipping:
DE: €8 (incl. VAT) / EU: €15 (incl. VAT) / World: €20


Not included in the giveaway is a Magnifying Glass (10×) for €8.50, which will aid you in reading the novel on the poster.


Don’t forget to leave your comment if you would like the opportunity to win a poster!

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