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Inquiring readers: Are you tired of Zoom workshops? Don’t be. At times the easiest way to attend workshops abroad is via the internet. This workshop is sponsored by The Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton. (Austen fans will recognize the house!)


Jane Austen House Museum, Chawton, Wikimedia Commons

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Northanger Abbey, H.M. Brock, Wikimedia Commons

Back by popular demand… snap up a ticket to our virtual book club! Bring your thoughts, ideas and observations on ‘Northanger Abbey’… bring tea and quotes and questions… expect stimulating discussion and debate!

“Join us for a lively online book club, discussing all things Northanger Abbey! We’ll get the ball rolling with questions, ideas and provocations about this bright, brilliant novel, and then it’s over to you – as a group we’ll share thoughts, theories, favourites and best-bits.”

Date: Tuesday 6 September

Time: 7pm – 8pm (British Summer Time – 

those in other countries are responsible for figuring out their time)

Location: This event will take place online. Join us from the comfort of your own home!

Tickets: £6.50 (Major Credit Cards are accepted)

(Note: As of August 17, 2022 

6.50 British Pounds = 7.831456 US Dollars

1 GBP = 1.20484 USD

1 USD = 0.829986 GBP)

As of August 17th, 8 PM U.S. EST, 49 seats are still open

BOOK HERE  (please make sure you select the right date on the calendar!)

  • 💻 This event will take place on Zoom. Please provide a valid email address, as you will be emailed a link to join the tour in the run up to the event. 
  • 🎫 If you are joining as a group or household, please buy one ticket for each person attending.  All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Museum. 
  • ⏰ Timings are given in UK time (British Summertime) – please do check what the event time is in your territory, to ensure you log in at the right time.


If the time is inconvenient for this workshop, Jane Austen & Co., based in the U.S., offers free zoom presentations of past workshops. Click on the above link to enter the site. Click on this link to enter videos and workshops of past events since 2020.

Videos Jane Austen+Co

Image of past videos available to the public: Staying at Home With Jane Austen; Race & the Regency; and Asia & the Regency

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