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Child's hand-embroidered dress, c 1810. Image @Vintage Textile

I love visiting Vintage Textile, one of the best, most descriptive vintage fashion sites on the Internet. The Regency era fashions are superb. Take this embroidered child’s dress, which was once white. It was made for a child around one or two years of age. The dress, which came from a New England estate, is long, like a christening dress, which suggests that the child would have been carried in it. The fabric is made of a lightweight cotton broadcloth, and the Persian-style Tree of Life embroidery design is made with wool floss. For more images and information about the dress or to purchase it, click here. 

Detail of sleeve with Van Dyke points and embroidery. Images@Vintage Textile

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This girl’s dress looks like a miniature version of an adult’s gown. The print is quite large in proportion to the little girl’s figure, which means that the dress was probably made from another gown, perhaps from the girl’s mother’s. Nevertheless, it is in remarkable condition considering that it had been worn by a five year old.

Click here to read more about this dress on the Corsets and Crinolines website.

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