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Cast of My Boy Jack

My Boy Jack

My Boy Jack will be shown on PBS tonight at 9 pm. Click here to read my review of this powerful movie (Warning: spoilers) and here for Laurel Ann’s post on Carrie Mulligan, who played Elsie Kipling. Both posts also solicit your knowledge about movies in Six Degrees of Austen Adaptation Separation. Rudyard Kipling’s connection to Jane Austen is his powerful short story, “The Janeites,” which popularized the term, and his well-publicized admiration for the author.

Jane SmilesMiss Austen Regrets

Miss Austen Regrets.com offers a variety of current posts and photos of the film, to be shown on BBC on April 27th. Click here to see the stills I pulled from the film, and here for my review, Miss Austen Regrets Perhaps a Bit Too Much For My Taste. Learn more about Olivia Williams on this PBS press site.

Andrew DaviesAndrew Davies

In a recent interview with the Birminham Post, Andrew Davies shares his well-known insights on sexing up the classics for film adaptations. In a slightly older interview with CNN, Mr. Davies continues to expound on his script writing philosophy.

Best Quote Seen Over the Ether:

It was very entertaining, but shouldn’t have been called Mansfield Park.”

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