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A Request from a Graduate Student: Hello Fellow Jane Austen Readers! Have you ever read a published sequel to a Jane Austen novel? Are you a fan of Jane Austen sequels?

My name is Cliff Bryant, and I am a graduate student at Virginia Tech, conducting a research project on readers of published sequels of Jane Austen?s novels. I want to find out how readers came to read the sequels, and whether or not you like them.

If you are interested in participating in my study, just click on the link, and take the survey. It will take less than 10 minutes, and I will release the results in a few weeks, so you can check back and see how you compare to other Jane Austen sequel fans. (Feel free to contact me with questions at cliffbryant@vt.edu.)

(Just to be clear, I am talking about actual published sequels to the novels, not web fan fiction, or mash-ups like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – though maybe that will be my next project!).

If you choose to participate, thanks so much! Just click the link, review the consent information, then take the survey!


(LINK – https://survey.vt.edu/survey/entry.jsp?id=1339705453120)

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