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Dressing History provides an entire section on reproductions. Included is this open robe, inspired by a costume at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The site also provides images of originals for study or to purchase.

Historical Heroines Pasttimes: Embroidery by Leah Braemel is filled with great information about embroidery in the Georgian and Regency era, such as the following quote:

If she’s in late Georgian or Regency times or later, your heroine will have a tiny pair of gold scissors – often in the shape of a stork. Many times the embroiderer will tie a piece of lace or embroider a small square with a saying and attach it to the scissors and pin them to her dress so she doesn’t lose them. Or she may wear a ‘chatelaine’ which is almost like a priest’s stole with a pocket for her scissors.

Writing.com offers this interesting quote about mobcaps:

Bonnets give place to mobcaps, a ruffled cap that helps to restrain a lady’s hair at night; the cap is used to keep the many greases and oils used on a woman’s hair off the pillow. It also helps to prevent long hair from tangling.

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