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The Emporium at JASNA’s 2012 AGM in NYC provided several delightful surprises, among which was meeting the staff of Jane Austen’s World Magazine and Chawton House Library a their respective booths. Jane Austen’s Regency World editor, Tim Bullamore, was selling a variety of magazines and books. The music you hear in the background of the first video is William Herschel’s Sonata in D Op4 No4, which came with the March/April 2010 edition of the magazine. Tim also spoke about Sex, Money and Power in Death Obituaries in the Time of Jane Austen, which I will discuss in more detail in a later post. (Music: With permission from Tim Bullamore, CD from Mar/Apr issue of Jane Austen’s Regency World.)

The staff of Chawton House Library, shown behind the second booth, were  the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stephen Lawrence, Director of Research, Dr. Gillian Dow, and Director of Development, Ms. Eleanor Marsden (in the last scene with Mr. Lawrence) were also at their stations during various times throughout the conference. It was a pleasure to meet them. Janeites will know Dr. Dow, who also lectures at the University of Southampton in England, from her articles and books on Jane Austen and women’ studies. I have had the pleasure in the past to email Stephen Lawrence about permissions from Chawton House, most particularly in reproducing images of Edward Austen Knight’s suit, which required extensive restoration. Read my article here.

Edward Austen Knight’s Frock coat with lining. Image @Chawton House

Some of the items I purchased from both booths are shown in the video below. I was most particularly pleased to purchase The Compleat Housewife by Elizabeth Smith, reissued by Chawton House. I also purchased four back issues of Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine. You will also see the lovely Sense and Sensibility the Musical booklets, which I used to take notes, the Conference workshop guide, and a tin of tea distributed by the Minneapolis MN JASNA group, where the 2013 AGM meeting will be held. Topic? Pride and Prejudice, of course.

Sandy Lerner, shown left below, one of the keynote speakers, is the driving force behind the resurrection of Chawton House, Edward Austen Knight’s second grand house, and Chawton House library.

Sandy Lerner, author of Second Impressions, and Rachel Brownstein, author of Why Jane Austen? at the author’s book signing at JASNA AGM

Second Impressions is written by Ava Farmer, Sandra Lerner’s nome de plume. Profits from the sale of this book go to the Chawton House library.

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Oh, how wonderful, how droll. Lee Davis High School in Mechanicsville, Virginia is showcasing Pride and Prejudice tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday, and next weekend at the Black Box Theater. (March 6, 7, & 8th, and March 13, & 14). My friends and I have plans to attend. At $5.00, the tickets are a bargain. Learn more about the Lee Davis Players at this link, and stay tuned for more. Ms. Place hopes to meet some of the cast members.

Greer Garson Paper Dolls at Fancy Ephemera.com

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A Glimpse of Jane Austen at Work

Marianne, “a niece of Austen’s, ” recalls the memory of Jane sitting quietly in the library Godmersham, her sewing on her lap, saying nothing for a long time. Suddenly Jane would burst out laughing, jump up and run across the room to find pens and paper and write something down. Then she would return to her fireside seat and go on stitching quietly as before.

From: Obstinate Heart: A Biography, by Valery Grosvenor Myer, 1997

The quote is from this review: Jane Austen: As Rich a Mix as Any of Her Women, Christopher Lehman, New York Time, April, 1997

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